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About 20 years ago I made my first quilt. All by hand as I had no sewing machine at the time. Finally finishing the quilt, it was met with surprise and delight by my family and my mother used it on her bed most every night.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago, I caught the quilting bug in full bloom. Each quilt is hand made. What that means is every quilt top is sewn together by machine and are not mass produced in a far off country but right here in Hollywood.

The quilts are put together with batting and binding and either quilted together or hand tied for a more rustic look about the quilt.

You will enjoy your new quilt for years to come. Not only are they unique but they are true keepsakes, to be handed down from one family member to another, and just reminder that any quilt you purchase is custom made and no two are alike.

Finally, some quilts come with matching pillows, but not every one does. There is a limited supply of these. Our prices range from $125 for basics and up to $600 for a one of a kind hand embroidered design, but most quilts range from between $200 to $250.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and as always our design studio is pet and smoke free. Shipping is  always free of charge on any quilt you purchase with us.

Please enjoy the website and if you choose to order a quilt, you may do so by contacting me at: searchnbear3@yahoo.com